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Hinds Feet On High Places
Hinds Feet
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Hinds Feet On High Places

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Hinds Feet On High Places
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Summer Magic

June 2015

Chapter 2 Fearings Invasion

Good day. Hope your weekend was glorious. Good discussion on last week. This week lets talk about one of the characters in chapter 2. Explain why you chose that character? How can you identify him if he approaches you?

Hinds Feet On High Places

Does anyone want to share a time they were afraid? What situations reveal how Much Afraid got her name?

Hinds Feet On High Places

Hello, I hope your week has been prosperous. This week give me your feedback on Psalms 30:5. Who spoke those words? What was happening when it was spoken? What does it mean to you?

Hinds Feet On High Places

Welcome to our weekly discussion. Have You purchased your book? If so great! If not visit your local Bible Book Store or order it on line.

Well, what do you think of an allegory?
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