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Five Star Teams

Elder Larry Souter

Education : Bruce Payne, DBS. Pastor Bruce coordinates

Sunday School

Bible Study


Homework Help

Pastor Jandra Payne, DBS Coordinator of Ministries And Women's Team Leader


Music And Fine Arts/Hospitality

ruby praise and worship

Ruby Souter, RD, Director of Hospitality

Minister Ruby Souter

Elder Aaron Payne


Praise Teams



Recording Equipment

Stage Design


Social Media 


Assistant Pastor. Aaron M. Payne, MME

Stephanie Payne Williams, Youth Director

Sandrine Beckles

Missions Team Leader

Coordinator of the NLCC Book Club, Outreach to  Seniors, and Hospitality Team member. Leave your contact information if you'd like to be included on our Zoom book club meetings or want to be contacted as part of our Senior outreach!

We Believe that Prayer is Necessary Food! 

When we pray we are open to hear and receive instructions from the Lord God! Jesus taught his disciples how to pray. Join us and be taught strategies in prayer. Our Team leader is passionate concerning this topic!. Come meet her and receive what you need to be instant in prayer.

Evangelist Mary Jenkins Prayer and Intersession Team Leader

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