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Dr Bruce & Dr Jandra Payne

We have experienced first hand the restoration power of forgiveness. 

Through faith in the Lord Jesus we offer his love to you.

We  would love to meet you!

Together our Pastors bring more than 40 years of Ministry experience to the community.

Pastor Bruce is a warm hearted, and passionate speaker. He brings experience from the transit department of Miami Dade County as one of its Chief Supervisors. He loves , teaches and preaches the Word of God.

Pastor Jan is a Registered Nurse and CEO. They both walk in the Prophetic with Gifts of healing the body, soul, and spirit.

Together they work in Ministry, and our local community to inspire others to be positive role models. Equipping families with the tools necessary to reach their goals. With God as their father and Holy Spirit guide, they are succeeding.

Make sure you greet them during your visit.

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